Assessment of parental burnout

Instruments and materials

Assessment of parental burnout

Parental Burnout Inventory (2017)

Parental Burnout Assessment (2018)

In the context of the International Investigation of Parental Burnout (IIPB) lien vers l’onglet, the Parental Burnout Assessment has been translated in numerous languages: Algerian Arabic, Lebanese Arabic, Basque, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch (The Netherlands, Belgium), English (UK, USA, Australia, Cameroun), Finish, French (France, Belgium, Canada, Cameroun, Lebanon, Switzerland, Togo), German, Italian, Japanese, Persian (Iran), Portuguese (Portugal), Polish, Romanian, Russian, SerbianSpanish (Argentina, Chile, Spain, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay), Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Urdu (Pakistan), Vietnamese. To consult the list to find out the research team which took care of the translation and validation click here.

Assessment of risk and resources factors that play a role in the aetiology of parental burnout:

Balance between Risks and Resources